Explore the art of expression through dance. Build stamina, resilience and strength and take part in dance performance opportunities! We study a range of different dance styles in order to broaden our student's skill-set and understanding within the dance world!



Discovering theatre through body language and physical communications of a story, theme or idea. Excellent for reading social skills and improving teamwork skills. Tell stories through the use of physical theatre while expanding your creative mindset. Portray ideas or concepts through non-verbal communication and learn to work as an ensemble team!



Discovering the love of singing and music including key elements of vocal and musical theory. Learn to understand and interpret music while understanding how to strengthen and take care of your voice. Singing can also be a fantastic form of confidence building and can also help with communication and story telling skill!



Explore directing and performing theatre while encouraging your brain to think critically and be able to problem solve. Strengthen your creativity and team building skills as well as learning key drama techniques such as the use of facial expressions and interpreting stage directions.



LAMDA is an internationally recognised accredited qualification in both Acting & musical theatre. LAMDA is offered a private lesson (small groups also available) and will work through the LAMDA grades and specification.


Private singing

Private singing lessons available on demand for technique building or to work on specific material.